Sustainable sourcing

Ice-co is committed to sustainable sourcing.
Our principles are:

  • Not to source seafood from endangered species

  • To support independent and credible sustainability standards that are conformant with the FAO Code of Conduct for responsible fisheries

  • To inform customers about sustainability and help them make an informed choice.

Iceland Sustainable Fisheries

Ice-co is a member in ISF (Iceland Sustainable Fisheries) which supports sustainability initiatives such as the MSC.
The objective of ISF is to show buyers and consumers that all fisheries around Iceland is sustainable, that a lot of effort is made to conserve and maintain fish stocks and marine environment so that they may continue to be the primary source of prosperity in the country.


Marine Stewardship Council

MSC or Marine Stewardship Council is a fisheries certification program that promotes and certifies sustainable, responsible fishing practices.  

Ice-co has an MSC certification and can provide customers MSC certified products such as cod, haddock, redfish and more.

Iceland responsible fisheries

The Iceland Responsible Fisheries logo indicates Icelandic origin of fish catches in Icelandic waters and responsible fisheries management. Ice-co is a member of Iceland responsible fisheries and guarantees that all of its products are IRF certified. 

Video explanation of Icelandic Responsible Fisheries.