Our customers are retail chains and whole-sellers. The emphasis is to build partnerships lasting, not years, but decades.

With our Swiss roots, we take quality very seriously. Every shipment is monitored with a 24x7 track-trace and hotline. This is why Ice-co is AAA rated by Europe's most prestigious retailers.

7x24 shipment monitoring

The transport of each shipment is monitored from the minute it leaves the processing facility until it reaches customer site. Temperature is managed with temp loggers in the boxes and theproducts are re-iced during transport if needed.


Our service staff is available around the clock to answer questions or to reschedule shipments in case of problems.

“We have very strict requirements and we put tough demands on our suppliers when it comes to product quality and freshness, reliability of delivery, service and information flow. I’m happy to inform that on all these fronts Ice-co has consistently shown excellent performance.”
— — Head of Seafood Purchasing at a large European retailer
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Product development services

Need ideas on how to increase sales and profitability? Ice-co staff is ready to assist with developing new products to improve your business.  

Our services include:

New product introductions, new species, new cuts, new processing/packaging/transport methods.

Sample shipments, degustations, test marketing.

Logistics & Partners

Logistics is not a matter of life and death. It is more than that!

Ice-co has daily deliveries of fresh and frozen seafood all over Europe and USA.  When it comes to seafood, logistics play a decisive role. Every customer is different thus our logistics processes are adapted to each customer needs. In many cases a combination of sea-freight and airfreight is the best solution. We work closely with specialized logistics companies to find the best solution in every case. 

Sales and marketing support

The success of Ice-co goes hand-in-hand with the success of our customers. To increase revenue and profitability we assist in various sales and marketing activities:

Training of seafood counter staff.  The employee serving customers at the seafood counter is key to sales success. We help our customers train staff to become seafood experts. This includes: sales presentations, study trips to fishing/processing facilities, cooking classes etc.

In-store tasting (degustation). We support our customers in tasting events to introduce new products or increased demand of existing products.

Public Relations.  Getting positive coverage in the media is helpful to seafood sales. Ice-co organizes study trips to Iceland for journalists. The journalist go out on a fishing boat to learn about the sustainable sourcing, meet high-ranking officials, visit processing plants, interview master chefs to experience the cooking and enjoying Icelandic seafood. Experience shows such trips provide excellent media coverage.