Our story

In 1994 a young couple, Hilma and Jon Adalsteinsson pioneered the introduction of Icelandic fish to Swiss customers. In the back of their pickup truck they started test marketing of premium Arctic charr, flown in from a small family-farm in Iceland.  Swiss customers were immediately intrigued by the superior taste and freshness of this wonderful fish. Later they were joined by Swiss/Dutch Marlise Umiker who was instrumental in growing the company.

It was a challenge to adapt processes to the difference in culture between these two countries. The Swiss customer demanded absolute precision regarding packaging, cooling, cut, logistics etc. Fulfilling this was a tough task for the Icelandic fishermen fighting the unpredictable Icelandic nature where blizzards, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are part of everyday life.

By focusing on continuous improvement, communication and training,  Ice-co managed to smooth off the edges and set up a streamlined process all the way from fishermen to the Swiss customer. This opened the door for sales into retail customers and wholesalers were Ice-co today constantly receives AAA supplier-rating. Today Ice-co products, fresh, frozen, canned and salted are available in more than 700 locations in more that 6 countries.


Our timeline

  • 1994 Export of Arctic charr from Iceland to Swizerland

  • 1996 Expand product range to included all species available in Iceland

  • 1998 Win biggest Swiss retailer as customer

  • 2010 Kick off operations in Germany and Austria 

  • 2011 MSC and IRF certifications of sustainability

  • 2013 Exports into France and Netherlands

  • 2014 Exports start into US and Russia

  • 2015 Ísey Skyr export to Switzerland

  • 2016 Open up UK production facility

  • 2017 Retail expansion in USA

Our Management Team

Marlise Umiker

Manager Ice-co GmbH, Switzerland

15 years, international seafood sales & marketing


Jon Adalsteinsson

Manager Ice-co Foods Iceland

25 years, seafood management / IT management


Hilma Sveinsdottir

Co-founder, Manager Finance

15 years, food imports/exports

Our mission: To be the best!

Be the #1 supplier of Icelandic seafood. 
This means #1 in terms of:

  •  Service

  •  Products

  •  Prices

  • Understand the customer - Truly

  • Be the fastest to respond to changes in market

Our values are clear and simple

  • Reliability and trust
  • Excel in service and support
  • Responsible operations, sustainable sourcing
  • Long term success, one step at a time
  • Innovation – in terms of:
     - Products
     - Sales strategies
     - Logistics