Where does my fish come from? (first Prototype)

You have a right to care about where your fish comes from, and that is why we’re providing full tracability from sea to fork of all ICE-CO products. It’s very important to us to recognize that each fish has its very own story – find out the one behind yours…



Ice-co's Atlantic Cod Fillet




Atlantic Cod


Atlantic cod is a mild white fish with a tender texture. A popular choice that is low in fat and very versatile.

+ About

Icelandic cod tends to be large, sweet and, very flaky. We bring in the best from Icelandic boats and all of our seafood is processed locally immediately upon landing. Our cod has a sweet and mild flavor because they feed mostly on shellfish, crustaceans, and smaller fish. More than just a popular, great tasting fish, cod has been the backbone of our fishing communities for generations.

+ Nutrition Facts

per 100 g:
Energy 78 kcal
Protein 18,1 g
Unsaturated Fat 0,3 g
Saturated Fat 0,1 g
Cholesterol 50 mg
Water 81,2 g

+ Season

Available: All year
High Season: September - May

+ Certifications

Responsible fishing is important to us – and you don’t just need to take our word for it, because 100% of ICE-CO’s fish is third-party MSC certified.

+ Fish Stocks

Thanks to a responsible fisheries policy and sustainable fishing industry the cod fishing stocks are at historic heights. The size of the cod stock has not been greater since 1996 when the institute began its current series of measurements.

Fished by

Olafur Bjarnason SH 137


+ Fishing Gear

The main fishing gear is line/hook, Danish seine and trawl.

+ Ship route

The route the ship took was: Olafur Bjarnason SH 137

+ Landing harbour

The ship landed in Olafsvík, Iceland.

+ Live Boat Location

The live boat location provided by marine traffic.

Filleted by


Fish processing facility

+ About

Stokkhylur was created in 2007 by Guðni Hafsteinn Gunnarsson. This is a small hand-craft production plant where quality is of the utmost importance.
Here they precisely cut the fish into the desired parts.

+ Photos facility

+ Photos Products

+ Transport

From landing harbour to processing facility

Packed & Sent

Packing station

Packing station

Shipped with Icelandair

Shipped with Icelandair

+ Transport

Truck: Processing facility to airport

Flight: Keflavik - Vancouver

Flight number: FI697

Truck: Airport - Distribution Facility

Truck: Distribution Facility - Supermarket

Arrival In Store

IGA Supermarket.jpg

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+ How does it work?

ICE-CO is working with a internet of things (IoT) company to bring the traceability story behind all its products to consumers.

Every product gets their own digital ID (GS1 Digital Link) to ensure that everything is tracked in the cloud from the fishing-method to the supply chain.

+ What is GS1?

GS1 is a organization that provides global standards for business communication. The best known of these is the barcode found on almost any product.
The GS1 Digital Link standad upgrades barcodes to:
1) be scannable out-of-the-box by consumer phones;
2) be seamlessly connected to the Web by embedding Web addresses instead of just numbers;
3) ensures there is one standard barcode to address any application vs. a proliferation of barcodes for different applications.