Our Mission

Our values are simple and clear

  • To be the #1 supplier of Icelandic seafood in Europe. This means to be #1 in terms of
    - services
    - products
    - prices

  • Understand the customer - TRUELY

  • Be the fastest to respond to changes in market

  • A focus on long term success, one step at a time

  • Reliability and trust

  • To customers

  • To partners

  • Excel in service and support

  • Responsibility and sustainability

  • Long-term – All projects have +5 year horizon

  • Innovation – in terms of  
    »  products
    »  sales strategies
    »  logistics



Customers and Customer service

We have very strict requirements and we put tough demands on our suppliers when it comes to product quality and freshness, reliability of delivery, service and information flow.
I’m happy to inform that on all these fronts Ice-co has consistently shown excellent performance.
— Head of Seafood Purchasing at a large European Retailer

Our customers are retail chains and wholesalers across Europe and the US. The emphasis is to build partnerships lasting, not years but decades. With our Swiss roots we take quality very seriously. Our credo is  “never fail a delivery”. Every shipment is monitored by our 24x7 track-trace service and hotline. This is why Ice-co is a AAA rated partner by some of Europe's most prestigious retailers.


To complement the high quality products are value added services for our customers. This includes:


  • new product development

  • new packaging and logistics concept

supporting our customers in achieving more revenue and profit

  • participation in trade shows and consumer seafood tasting events

  • training of our fish counter staff to become “seafood experts”

  • Study trips to Iceland to visit production/sourcing facilities

  • Public Relations. Educating journalists on the health and sustainability aspects.